The designs of our jewels are the result of the fusion of impeccable quality, classic technique and creativity, in accordance with Amity Diamonds’ philosophy. Every Amity diamond is handled with delicate care and each Amity jewel has a very exquisite quality control and evaluation. All of our jewels are handmade in our atelier in the city of Barcelona, Spain by some of the most prestigious professionals, experts in diamonds, with long tradition in the fine jewelry world.

Amity Diamonds is the first choice for the discerning taste, for those who demand superb craftsmanship in the work of turning eternity into a jewel and in the celebration of your pet´s love that will remain forever.

18 Carat White Gold
The House of Amity offers you the finest white gold, a sparkling luminous white metal developed in the 1920’s and highly appreciated in the fine jewelry tradition, specially since the 1990’s.

Its elegance brings out the natural bluish tones of our Amity Diamonds and their unparalleled uniqueness.

Craft & Design