1. How long does the creation of the Amity diamonds take?

The time of creation of each Amity diamond varies according to the chemical composition in your pet´s essence, with a minimum waiting period of 15 weeks, and added to that the time to handmade your jewel. Thence we point out the importance of the Amity Diamonds personalized step by step follow up.

2. Can I mix the essence of different pets or horses for the same Amity jewel?

Yes you can, because The House of Amity perfectly understands the immeasurable worth of each one of our beloved pets and horses, and how each one remains in a very special part of our heart.

3. How many Amity Jewels can be obtained from a pet or horse?

The amount of carats -or number of Amity jewels- possible to create vary from case to case. It is possible to obtain several carats from a small amount of essence, but it’s always important to remember that each Amity diamond is exclusively created without adding any other elements that contaminate its purity.
The essence of any pet can be transformed into diamonds, as long as we count with enough essence (ashes, fur, feathers).
In the case of fur, we may need around 5gr-8gr. In the case of ashes we may need around 120gr, nevertheless this we can better determine in our first contact.
It’s important to point out that any of your pet´s essence not used in the process will be returned to you by our Amity Ambassador.

4. Where can I see the Amity jewels?

In her first visit the Ambassador will bring the official prototypes, so you can appreciate each piece personally, ask every question needed and choose the jewel that best symbolizes the special bond with your pet.

5. Can I choose Amity Diamonds in a different colour?

Our exclusive scientific process respects your pet´s essence in every detail; therefore, the natural bluish tone of your diamonds is not manipulated nor altered.

6. Can I obtain this service for any kind of pet?

As long as we count with enough essence from your pet–ashes, fur, feathers, etc.- we can create your unique jewel.

7. How does the purchasing process work?

The creation of your Amity Diamonds’ jewels include a personalized service which consists in two parts:
1. Personal pick up of your pet’s or horse’s essence (ashes, fur, feathers, etc.) by one of our Amity Diamonds´ Ambassadors.
2. Personal delivery of your Amity Jewel, by one of our Amity Ambassadors.
An Amity Diamonds Ambassador is an official representative, with over a decade of experience serving families around the world for Diamonds from human origin, and who’s outstanding professionalism and empathy will help you build a positive experience, the way you and your pet deserves.

8. Which countries correspond to the jewelry available for Zone 1?

The fees for Zone 1 refer to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Israel, Morocco, Turkey. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

If you live in a country outside of Zone 1 and you want a jewel from that region please contact us.

10. How can I obtain the service for a person?

Amity Diamonds specializes in the celebration of love with our pets and doesn’t directly offer the service for people, but contact us and we will inform you how to get it.