Amity Diamonds was born out of my personal experience with my own pets. Since childhood I’ve felt a special connection with all kind of animals; they are the protagonists of my earliest happiest memories and of my most profound convictions nowadays, therefore celebrating their lives arises as a natural feeling in me.

With over a decade of experience, in the memory diamonds industry for a leading Swiss company, I decided to create a jewelry brand that honors the purest, most innocent and unconditional love one meets in the relationship with a beloved animal. The result is my own dream for a fine jewelry brand with the energy of a positive and elegant experience, of excellence and dignity -until now- only reserved for the connection with other humans.

In my dogs’ presence I’ve met a sense of unconditional peace and love which have taken me to connect with the happiest, most innocent and most fun side of myself. Hence The House Of Amity is an extension of my own home: a welcoming place where our beloved animals are a constant inspiration. Those of us who have loved our pets know the scope of this transforming love and therefore understand the countless reasons to celebrate it.


The Founder