With high-end Swiss technology, dedicated since 2004 to the creation of diamonds out of the carbon in the human body, we now offer you Amity Diamonds, jewels originated from your dear pet’s essence. Thanks to more than a decade of experience, The House of Amity offers you the creation of natural bluish diamonds out of your pet’s essence, wonderful and everlasting jewels.

We first extract the carbon present in your pet’s essence (ashes and/or fur) to then crystalize it with HTHP technology (High Temperature High Pressure). Resulting in natural blue diamonds, free of manipulation or color alteration.

The amount of essence needed for your Amity Diamonds jewel vary from case to case and is not determined by your pet’s specie, breed, size or age. Its natural chemistry will determine its creation timeline. Our specialists will assist you since the very first contact so we can fulfill your desire for the perfect Amity jewel.