Our Amity diamonds have the exact same characteristics as natural diamonds, the so called “4 C’s” (Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat), turning each jewel into an authentic piece. A diamond is the hardest mineral known to man, and it is formed by carbon atoms.

Your pets’ organisms have carbon as one of the elements in the body. With our high-end technology this carbon is extracted from your pet’s fur and/or ashes and crystalized, keeping the individual and unique characteristics from the being of origin, to create with them truly unique jewels. The presence of Boron (B) in the body gives them their natural and unique blue color. In Amity diamond’s bluish transparency will shine your pet’s beautiful light: after a process of some weeks we obtain pure diamonds from what we call your pet’s essence, his ashes and/or fur, feathers.

The natural diamonds that accompany some of our Amity jewels are guaranteed as “Conflict-Free” by international entities. This supports our philosophy of tribute to life, love and beauty.

The Diamonds